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Cathflo & Chloraprep versus alcohol

Hi My question is this. Originally when we started using Cathflo we scrubbed the access with alcohol and now in the the training video I see chloraprep used. Our policy says alcohol. Are most places using chloraprep now?

I thought that there were still only limited studies regarding whether chloraprep was "better". I am thinking for the sake of having to change the policy frequently we use the term "antiseptic".


 Scrubbing the connection

 Scrubbing the connection surface of all needleless connector for all procedures is a critical step. There is no answer to the question of whether we need a CHG/IPA combination antiseptic agent for this yet. Alcohol is contained in those products, and is responsible for the initial rapid kill of organisms. I have not seen any research conclusively showing that we need the combination. Also, there are several good studies out now supporting a BSI reduction with use of the protective caps containing an alcohol impregnated sponge. None of those have CHG. So I would still think that alcohol is just as effective. I think the manual friction and the length of time is more important than the agent based on current studies. Lynn

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In regards to everything I have read during my research regarding SiteScrub, SwabCap and Curos, Chloraprep is NOT FDA approved, nor indicated, for use on plastic. The chlorhexadine makes the plastic sticky. Per the IFU and instructions on the packaging, the Chloraprep is used for skin cleaning only.

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