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cathflo activase
Does anyone know if a low platelet count is a contraindication for using this drug? If so, how low is too low?
rivka livni
Check the manufactor
Check the manufactor istructions insert for that information.


rivka livni
If it is not there, it must

If it is not there, it must not be a contraindication.


I can tell you that the half
I can tell you that the half life is 5 mins and passes through the liver once and is gone in a half hour. Its only 2 mg in 2 mls the dose is very small. It is a tissue plasminogen activator. So no Plasminogen (thrombus/fibrin threads) to activate it pass through the body.YES, we have used it in patient with low platelets.
Gwen Irwin
I would need more

I would need more information about your question.  But..........

If you are treating a total occlusion of a CVC, then the dose of the Cathflo is not in the patient's system at all.  It is only in the catheter.  So it doesn't matter what the platelet count is.  Half life of the dose is only related to it being in the patient's system.

At the point of a total occlusion being treated, it doesn't matter how low the patient's platelet count is.  You would treat the catheter occlusion and not have the dose in the patient's system.

We have neurosurgeons that do not want Cathflo used on their patient's with total occlusions, because of their concerns about a cranial bleed occurring.  They do not understand that the dose is only treating the catheter occlusion.  We are working on getting their understanding case by case.

Hope this helps.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Donna Fritz
I developed a protocol with
I developed a protocol with our med oncs related to using this for oncology patients with either PWO or total occlusion (without a phone call).  No one batted an eye about platelet counts, but we do try to withdraw any drug.  Most said, "I can't think of a situation where I wouldn't want this done."  Well, I found one.  Had a patient with a slow CNS bleed who was going to surgery the next day to fix it.  Called the med onc 'cause I just had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind.  He said no Cathflo--didn't want to mess up the plans for her surgery by making the bleed worse.  Said we could address the port issues after her recovery.  The second one was not an oncology pt, so we had to call the physician involved.  It was a PICC line that was totally occluded.  Patient had had a CVA 10 days earlier.  The physician said no Cath-flo--preferred to have the PICC reinserted.  Just my experiences . . .
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