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Care and maintenence

What is the consensus on care and maintenence post insertion. Are there still teams doing ice to the insertion site 20 min 4 times a day for 24 hours,followed by warm soaks 4 times a day for 24 hours.  Also, what is the consenus on mid arm circumference meausremments daily. 

rivka livni
What are you asking? Post

What are you asking? Post Insertion of what? 

I don't think you will get a consensus about anything, every institution have their own protocols, and policy and procedures.

Personally I never heard of Ice to any venous insertion, and never heard of warm soaks.

Sorry but I do not understand you question, maybe someone else does. 

I was also confused about

I was also confused about your question. Care and maintenance for what type of catheter? I have never used ice on any catheter post insertion. I have used heat from a controlled source when there was an early stage mechanical phlebitis after a PICC insertion. I have never used it prophylactically. Mid-arm circumference for a PICC is only necessary prior to insertion and when there are clinical signs and symptoms that indicate a problem. Regular measurement does not provide useful information and it is not needed for other types of catheters. Please clarify your questions and maybe we can be more helpful. Thanks, Lynn

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