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Brand names in P&P

 YAY! I finally get to present some P&P revisions to the system committee. Need to know though.... I'm trying to get all brand names replaced (Biopatch, Statlock, Huber Needle) so that we are not tied into a brand in the policy. But I'm getting push back from another PICC Team in the system - they say the nurses will only recognize the item by the brand name and not know what is being talked about. I.E. "Port Access Needle" is not what a nurse will understand. But don't we open a door (litigiously speaking) if we are not using the brand specified in our policy? Like we use Bard PowerLoc Max port needles NOT Huber needles....



Kathleen Crowe BSN RN CRNI VABC

 I am in the late stages now

 I am in the late stages now of revising IV P & P myself for many SNFs. I am using the generic term followed by the brand name in parentheses. 

Like this - ----- implanted port access needle (e.g., Liftloc). e.g. is example given

I think this method works well. I do think the generic name should be the emphasis. Are these nurses allowed to ONLY use the brand name of a medication? Why is this any different than a device?

This method also gives the brand name example so you are writing your procedure in compliance with manufacturer instructions for use - an important issue. There could be differences between instructions for different brands. 

Finally, keep reminding the powers that be that any time a device brand changes, the P & P will need to be evaluated to see if it is still accurate based on brand differences. One example - alcoholic chlorhexidine requires 30 second application and 30 second drying time. BUT povidone iodine should be allowed to dry for a minimum of 1.5 to 2 minutes to be effective. 



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