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blotting dry chlorhexadine with dressing change

I have a question, we are currrently rreviewing our central line dressing change policy, and have noted that a few other areas say to not blot dry the chlorhexadine. Is there somewhere I can find evidence for this practice? We don't currently discourage this  practice, but do insist that the chlorhexadine be allowed to dry for the specified period of time.




There are 2 reasons to not

There are 2 reasons to not blot dry the CHG. First, you want to allow the full 30 seconds for the antimicrobial properties to actually kill the organisms. Also you do not want to remove any of the CHG because it binds to skin cells and becomes more effective with each use. Blotting could reduce the amount of solution on the skin. You should find this information in the product literature. All skin antiseptic should be allowed to thoroughly air dry. Lynn

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Gwen Irwin
blotting dry chlorhexadine with dressing change

I would suggest following the manufacturer's guidelines.  It doesn't include blotting.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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