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blood re-infusion devices

 We place many PICCs in our adult med-surg. ICU.  The staff wants to attach a device to the PICC that provides a closed-system to obtain labwork and re-infuse the discard volume.  Is anyone familiar with the use of re-infusion devices with PICCs & willing to share their experiences?  

I am familiar with these

I am familiar with these devices but have never used them in clinical practice. There are 2 specific brands on the market that I am aware of but there could be more. These are in-line devices that allow for blood samples to be drawn without opening the catheter. They could produce less catheter manipulation and thus less risk of infection. They also eliminate the need to discard or waste a portion of the blood before obtaining the sample as this waste can lead to iatrogenic anemia. Lynn

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I have used the in-line type

I have used the in-line type devices on PICC's and on CVL's. They work well if you can have a dedicated line. Typically they are connected to a flush bag and pressure type tubing ( I believe most are intended to be used on arterial lines so a venous line connection may be off-label). I suppose they could be part of an infusion set but it would be a complicated menagerie of stopcocks to prevent bolusing medications. Other than that I have noticed what seems like a higher than normal occlusion (clot?) rate for that port. No numbers on this, just what I noticed in my practice.


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