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Christine Thomas
Blood draw per INS standards

I have taught several classes on vascular access for my institution and stated that INS standards advise no blood draw from a Midline catheter.   This was stated in the 2006 standards.   One of the participants wrote to me recently and said that she does not see any thing in the 2011 standards that does not recommend blood draw from Midlines.  

I looked in several areas of the Standards.  Has this recommendation been dropped?


I looked at several of the previous posts on this and I think it does make sense about why we do not want to do this on a regular basis.  I did note that avoidance of regular  peripheral IV blood draws is stated by not about the midline.

I will correct my presentation if the standards are less restrictive with Midline catheters.


Thank you,

Chris Thomas

Fairview Hospital of the Cleveland Clinic

 The statement about drawing

 The statement about drawing blood from midlines was changed due to the fact that there is no evidence upon which to base any statements. No research means that the standards committee can not just make it up. Those days are gone when we switched to a more rigorous method of ranking the evidence. Studies are needed. There were more studies on using peripheral catheters but none on midlines. Lynn

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