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Blood cultures from central lines

What is the proper procedure for obtaining a blood culture from a central venous access device (CVC or PICC)? Our policy is that you send the first draw from the line; obtaining NO waste prior to the sample. My microbiology section head is questioning this practice. I know I read it somewhere in either the INS standards or the Core Curriculum but now cannot find it and I need to submit some kind of reference or article to this lab person. Can you offer any input on this?

Look for this: M. Wilson MM,

Look for this:
M. Wilson MM, A. Morris, P. Murray, L. Reimer, L. Reller, M. Towns, M. Weinstein, S. Wellstood, W. Dunne, R. Jerris, D. Welch. Principles and Procedures for Blood Cultures; Approved Guideline. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. 2007;27(17). but you will probably have to purchase the document.

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Thanks so much, Lynn!

Thanks so much, Lynn!

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