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Blood Cultures

Does anyone have a P&P for Blood Culture collection from Peripheral site and central device that they can share?  And/or a Powerpoint education for staff?


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I don't have a p&p to share

I don't have a p&p to share but can tell  you about several things I have recently found in the literature. Change the needleless connector before drawing the blood culture, not after - from a recent study in JIN and a poster at the recent CDC meeting. Too many false positives due to contamination of the needleless connector. Scrub the skin and new needleless connector with chg/ipa combo, tincture of iodine, or alcohol alone. Povidone iodine is no longer recommended for drawing cultures. No need to discard the initial sample drawn from a catheter. Peripheral and catheter sample should be drawn within 10 minutes of each other. Volume for adults should be about 20-30 mL split between aerobic and anaerobic bottles. If not enough blood inoculate the aerobic bottle first. Infants - draw amout equal to 1% of blood volume. Catheter is considered the source of infection when differential time to positivity shows catheter sample positive 2 hours before peripheral OR colony count from catheter is at least 3 times greater than count from peripheral sample. Lynn

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