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Bleeding After Implanted Port was Deaccessed

We have a pt who gets a weekly infusion.  She recently had a new port placed and last Friday after her infusion I remove the Huber needle and she had bleeding that I had to hold pressure on for several minutes.  Today she let me know that there is quite a bit of bruising to the area.  It is fading but, we have never had this problem with her in the past.  Any feedback?  Ideas? She is not on blood thinners and we use 10 U/ML heparin 5ML weekly after the infusion.

Donna Fritz

How soon after placement did you access it? 

Could it be

1)  hematoma in port pocket from placement?

2)  maybe you hit a small vessel in the subq tissue with the port needle?

It was placed 3 months ago. I

It was placed 3 months ago. I thought about maybe hitting a vessel but I have never had this happen in 12 years so I was concerned.  Thanks for your response. 

Valorie Dunn,BSN, RN, CRNI, PLNC

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