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biopatch with Port-a-caths?

Does anyone use Biopatch with huber/port-a-cath access? ID is asking if can start doing this. Wondering if there is any info out there on the effectivness.

Not Bio-Patch but GuardIVa

For access less than 24 hours, we rely on the Chloraprep scrub for anti-microbial activity. For access over 24 hrs., we like to use the GuardIVa rather than the BioPatch as it seems to be less irritating, especially with irradiated pt's.
I have no affiliation with HemCon GuardIVa or BioPatch. Our practice has used them both extensively and we find no difference in CRBSI rates, but like the hemostatic properties and the lower cost of the GuardIVa. Good luck!

Stephen Harris RN, CRNI, VA-BC
Chief Clinical Officer
Carolina Vascular Wellness

Gina Ward
  We use biopatchs on all our


We use biopatchs on all our ports that are accessessed and left accessed.  We have had no issues with this. 


We have been using Biopatch since we began our PICC team , then we moved to Biopatch on the site of any central line. 


there is a little trick on holding the biopatch around the huber prior to insertion so it is seated while you place the line and you do not try to tuck it in after accessing the port.


hope it helps,  Gina

Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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