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Leann Kennedy
Best option?

Hi group!

What is the opinion on best access for a  quad with no sensation/no movement to upper extremities who needs long term IV access?  We don't place tunneled catheters here.  I thought of a Hohn, but the doc shot it down.  Any thoughts?

A PICC might work if he is
A PICC might work if he is not too contracted and has an accessable vein that one can maintain a dressing on. This might also depend on his needs, how long and will the need be ongoing.  You might also consider an implanted port.
Because of the alteration in
Because of the alteration in blood flow due to the paralysis, a PICC is not recommended. I would recommend a tunneled catheter or an implanted port. If the infusion therapy is a continuous basis, a tunneled catheter would be best. If it is anticipated to be intermittent but long term, meaning on therapy for several weeks then off for long periods, I would recommend an implanted port. Due to the turning and positioning issues, I would not want to depend on the stability of an implanted port needle for continuous long term infusion needs, especially if an vesicant meds are involved. Lynn

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