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Bard Solo PICC

We just admitted a pt to home health who had a Bard Solo single lumen PICC placed on 12/11.  Admitted to HH on 12/15 with blood return and flushed well.  The primary MD ordered saline and heparin flushes and hospital records had saline flushes only documented.  On 12/16 the nurse went to get labs and could not get a blood return.  Can the heparin actually cause a problem with the valved PICCs?  Any ideas?

No, the use of heparin in

No, the use of heparin in PICCs that have integral valves is **not** contraindicated and some have called for continued use of heparin in these catheters. Lynn

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mary ann ferrannini
Bard has modified the valve

Bard has modified the valve on that product (now called SOLO 2) so that it will not be as difficult to open. Sometimes we would have to flush it several times before you get a blood return on the SOLO. I have noticed on the SOLO is much easier. Also try taking the cap OFF and just using a syringe directly to the hub.  

Robbin George
KNOW YOUR CAP--When using

KNOW YOUR CAP--When using SOLO or any other valved catheter (ie Groshong or PasV etc) the cap in use must be either "neutral" or positive displacement--A negative displacement endcap will cause blood to reflux into the catheter causing occlusion

Robbin George RN VA-BC

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