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Bacteriostic NS

I am new to a facility that used BS NS for preflushing their PICC lines during placement.(Not sure at this time how many flushes they use or if > 30 cc as of yet. I am thinking probably at times since sometimes we have difficult placements.) She explained to me it's because it's the only way we can maintain an open multidose vial to remain multidose because of the benzoyl alcohol. I have never heard of that before.  I have always used non-preservative NS and have been instructed that BS NS is to be used as a dilutent/ blebber for IV sticks (numbing). Can anyone help me so that I can provide the current practice to promote the proper procedure?



 E Richmond

Benzyl alcohol is the

Benzyl alcohol is the preservative in a multidose vial of bacteristatic saline. This is form the purpose of allowing multiple entries into the vial while reducing the possibility that this will lead to contamination. This solution is limited to no more than 30 mL in a 24 hour period in adults because of the possibility of neuro and respiratory toxicities. This preservative is prohibiited in neonates. Bacteriostatic saline can also be used as a local anesthetic for venipuncture because of this preservative. The INS standards call for all catheter flushing to be performed with a single dose system. This means either a 10 mL single dose vial or a prefilled syringe. The risk of multidose vials is far too great. 

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Thank you for your prompt

Thank you for your prompt response.


E Richmond

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