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AVA ultrasound certification class
Does anyone know what this class entails?  Is this going to be something that is required to use ultrasound for picc placement?  And will it be offered again, if so where and who is providing it.  Any information anyone has would be great we are trying to go to it and would like more info about it .  thanks.
My question is does AVA

My question is does AVA include insertion of femoral access using a shiley catheter? And where do you attend the class and how much?

I am a dialysis RN and very much interested in insertion of femoral dialysis cath.

Thank you very much for any info you can extend.


I'm writing with curiosity

I'm writing with curiosity too - don't have any answers for you.  I'm betting that as lobbyists and congress wrestle with how S1042 (CARE bill) will impact U/S guidance for vascular access, a more immediate outcome will be that the vascular access industry will have its own ultrasound certification program.

I've met a couple of times with our hospital's government relations director who has now been staying current with some of the players involved, and it appears that the bill has enough flexibility embedded in it that will allow non-diagnostic use of U/S for vascular access.  Not completely sure yet, will know more when full congress returns late August or September.  

My completely unofficial opinion: it may very well be stimulating standardization of competency through an industry certification program, which seems like a good thing to do. 


Mari Cordes, BS RN 

Nurse Educator IV Therapy
Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington VT
Educator, Bard Access Systems 

Mari Cordes, BS RNIII VA-BC
Vascular Access Department
University of Vermont Medical Center

The AVA postconference for

The AVA postconference for Ultrasound certification is designed for the vascular access clinician with US experience.  Mari is quite right that the S1042 (CARE bill) has served as an impetus for us putting this program together.  While the CARE bill does say "diagnostic" US, there are many bills that pass that are not clear to all; thus a certification by an international association will go along way.

If you go to the AVA website, you'll see that we are offering this program free to all conference attendees d/t the generous support of Arrow/Teleflex, Bard, Boston Scientific and Sonosite.  The program is almost full, so if you're interested........sign up ASAP

Kathy McHugh


Robbin George
Kathy--What form will this
Kathy--What form will this competency take?--Is there a study guide required and /or available before the conference?--Robbin George RN Vascular Access Resource Dept Alexandria Hospital Virginia

Robbin George RN VA-BC

Robin, Yes to all. Once you


Yes to all. Once you register on the website a study guide, a DVD, and a pre-test will be mailed to you. 

The progam outline and brochure will be available on the AVA website tomorrow.


Halle Utter
Are there any plans to

Are there any plans to repeat the AVA ultrasound certification course that is being offered after the conference?  I am unable to attend the conference this year due to a family wedding, but I would be very interested in completing the ultrasound certification offered by AVA.  Also, when will there be more information about the certification course AVA is putting together?  Thanks.

Halle Utter, RN, BSN

Intravenous Care, Inc 

Hallene E Utter, RN, BSN Intravenous Care, INC

Halle, Yes, this will be


Yes, this will be offered in the future.  We're working on the plan as we speak.  The program at the conference will be the only "free" one though.

The certification exam information will be released at the conference.


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