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AVA Meeting brochure

I just received the new AVA brochure and what I found of interest is that 35% or 10 hours of the 35 hoiurs of general sessions and break-out sessions is being giving by one industry member's direct employees. 

I find this conference brochure to be very mind boggling.  We need to develop clinical speakers who are not industry members to submit for talks at this point. 

Where are you practicing in the field clinicians out there who can speak to care and maintenance or troubleshooting of lines or vein assessment or ultasound techniques? 

Do you not exist?  Did you not submit?  Are you afraid to speak? 

It is time for you to come forward and give us your real life experiences.  I want to hear your research and your clinical expertise.  Please submit for next year as I do not need to hear an industry conference.  I want to hear the real in the field stuff.  I want to hear real everyday strategies and real everyday clinical feedback so I can learn.

Kathy Kokotis RN BS MBA

Bard Access Systems


Kathy, this is AVA whose

Kathy, this is AVA whose primary goal for years now has been to remove any and all barriers between clinical staff and manufacturer's staff. I do not find this unusual at all for AVA. I have not seen the brochure yet but I would look at whether those presenters are actually nurses who are working for a manufacturer. If so, I find nothing concerning about that. I am not sure what you mean by "one industry member's direct employees". Are you saying that this manufacturer is a competitor and that is actually what is troubling for you? Or is there some other reason? Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway Associates, Inc.

126 Main Street, PO Box 10

Milner, GA 30257


Office Phone 770-358-7861

conflict of interest

Here is the line up and judge for yourself - I am excluding pre-confernce and actual paid for industrial showcases.  The following are general sessions and break-out sessions

General Sessions"

1.  Point counterpoint where are we going to place those CVC's:  Internal Jugular versus Axillo Subclavian - is a direct sponsored general session by the only manufacturer sponsoring general sessions


1.  Thrombosis the rest of the story presented by jamie Sharpe a direct employee (2 hours as it is presented twice)

2.  In the Mid-dle presented by Chris Cavanaugh who presents twice this meeting on two different topics and is a direct employee (1 hour)

3.  Care and Maintenance challenges and troubleshooting lines by Chris Cavanaugh a direct employee (1 hour)

4.  Advanced vessel assessment given by Cheryl Kelly a direct employee (2 hour)s as it is given twice)

5.  FDA's role in vascular access given by Kim Thompins a direct employee (1 hour)

6.  Materials and coatingsd for vascular acccess products given by Kamna giare-Patel a direct employee (1 hour)

7.  Targeting zero intravascular catheter related infections:  Imnplementing the 2011 CDC guidelines given by Terri Baugher a direct employee (1hour)


I have to say I see no other manufacturer's except in industrial showcases with so much talent.  I think an analysis of the conference committee is needed at this point in AVA if they cannot find qualified spekaers that are non industry members and have to solicit one vendor for so much talent.  I have no issues with vendor talent as I an considered a "usual suspect" in speaking at this meeting as you are and Nancy Moureau.  I however am not speaking this year unlike yoiursel

I believe the committee needs to be refreshed if hte committee is finding it difficult to find speakers







Breakout working team

I now understand the head of the breakout working team Laurie Rasberry works for the same industry partner as the speakers.  This now makes sense as to why so many break-outs are from one group of highly respected clihicians.  This makes finding speakers easier.


Kim Tompkins
AVA brochure response

I certainly understand and appreciate concerns about bias--reducing bias is something that I aim for.  Please note that I am no longer with a company in this industry--I am in neuromodulation.  Furthermore, the topic that I am speaking about is to educate practicing clinicians about the regulated world that we all live in.  This is in response to some misunderstandings written on this site!  First and foremost, I am a regulatory/clinical professional who has been in medical devices--orthopedic, cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, aesthetic medicine--for over 20 years.  I am confident that clinicians will not consider my talk biased and will learn some things that will help them understand the world they practice in.

I also would like to challenge clinicians to develop themselves and advance vascular access by becoming more active in educating others.  It is a responsibility and it separates a clinical practice from a job.  Develop a topic that you are interested in, gather and analyze data and get up and talk about it!

AVA is an organization that has embraced industry.  But we need to be careful that it doesn't become defined by industry. 

Kim Tompkins RN MBA, VP, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, Bioness, Inc.

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