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ATTENTION: IV Teams, I need your help

In a few weeks, I will be going to China to give a presentation about IV teams in this country, what they do, how they operate, etc. If any of you have any pictures of your IV nurses "in action" and would be willing to share for this presentation, I would be extremely grateful and give your hospital a plug on the slide. 

Also, if you have any documents about your scope of practice or services, hours of operation, number of nurses, etc. I would love to receive anything you can share about how you operate.  Chinese nurses are eager to learn what we are doing in the US. 

If you have anything, please send to me at [email protected] Thanks so very much.  

I would be interested in the
I would be interested in the same slides as I am developing my IV education business.  I certainly, as Lynn would be more than happy to give your hospital a plug.  I am focusing on the smaller hospitals because I believe that many of the larger hospitals (those courted more often by vendors)  know about bundling and many of the discussions we have on this forum (though I certainly don't mean to imply that the larger hospitals don't need advanced training as well). I know nurses at smaller hospitals that don't have a clue about what a power PICC is down to the fact that blood can be given through a 22g, with much in between. We once had a patient with an implanted port flown to us from an outlying smaller hospital and we about freaked out when we saw the port accessed with an 18 g regular needle bent to look like a non coring needle.  Needless to say the port had to be replaced due to the coring caused by that needle.  Ok, no more stories.  We all have them. All of that just to say that I would appreciate any photos and slides that I can get, especially ones of full barrier precautions being used.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks for listening to my ranting.  You see my reason for targeting smaller hospitals at this point, I would think.  Thanks, Monica  ([email protected] or [email protected])
Chris Cavanaugh
There is a great video of a
There is a great video of a central line being placed on You Tube.

Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

I have a picture  during

I have a picture  during PICC insertion with the sterile maximal barrier. Is that what you want?

Marie/ [email protected]

Yes, anything showing what

Yes, anything showing what IV nurses actually do. You can email to me at [email protected] Thanks, Lynn 


Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., NPD-BC, CRNI

Lynn Hadaway Associates, Inc.

PO Box 10

Milner, GA 30257


Office Phone 770-358-7861

Yes, yes,  yes...thank
Yes, yes,  yes...thank you. 
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