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Is anyone using EPIC as the EMR?

We are in the formal pre-launch and requesting information on Do's and Don'ts, from real user related to CVC/PICC insertion/post insertion care? 

Thanks for any help you might offer....



Mercedes M
EPIC and CVC/PICC insertion documentation

With lots of "tweaking" and redesigning per our use, our CVC/PICC documentation has improved with EPIC.  The challenge that is currently on the docket is getting line days.  We are still working on this but overall- it has been pretty easy. 

Mercedes M
EPIC and CVC/PICC insertion documentation

You can email me @ [email protected] with any questions regarding PICC/CVC insertion,care and maintenenace.  What does your template look like?

We use EPIC

Hi Mark,

We have been using EPIC for a number of years - I love it!

Please feel free to email me with any specific questions


[email protected]

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