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is anyone aware of independent PICC businesses??? Please contact

Looking for info on independent PICC businesses...any out there???


Info needed

Will need to post your contact info.

picc business

Yes I'm back!!..Thanks for the advice  We are considering a business to assist clients outside of the hospital ie. ECF, placement, care, trouble, in central Ohio  I will contact our local AVA committee

Cathie,  AccessRN, Inc.

Cathie,  AccessRN, Inc. services central Ohio.  You can reach us at 866-900-1988 or through our website at  Ask for me, Kris Gundrum.  Good luck!

Chris Cavanaugh
Many in Florida

There are many independent companies in Florida, some place just in nursing homes/LTC, some in hospitals, some do both.  What information are you looking for?

Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

Independent PICC Businesses

Cathie,  There are a number of non hospital based PICC contractors around the country but you need to be more specific about where.  If you are the cathie in 614 area code (southern Ohio), you might check with your local AVA chapter or INS chapter as someone there would probably know.



There are at least 3

There are at least 3 companies in Ohio already providing the services you describe: Integrated Vascular Services, C.I.A.S., and AccessRN.   I know a few of the pharmacies also provide services as well to the LTC homes they have contracts with. There are also a number of "independent" contractors out there servicing specific areas where a pharmacy nurse is unavailable. Usually they are contracted thru the pharmacy. Good Luck!!


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