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antimicrobial pads/biopatch

Are Biopatches or antimicrobial pads considered medication?  As manager of the Infusion program I strongly recommend the use of these products on all home health patients unless the patient is allergic to the product or if the doctor absolutely does not want the patient to have one.  Some of the infusion companies we work with will automatically send these products to the patients home others require a doctors order.  When I spoke to the Biopatch rep I asked if her product was considered a medication and the answer was no, it is a device.  My understanding is that if a product is considered a device, it does not require a doctos order.  Am I mistaken? 

 Yes you have the wrong

 Yes you have the wrong information.look for the FDA legend, "use on the order of----". You should have either a written policy and procedure or an order from an LIP. Lynn

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Thank you for clarifying

Thank you for clarifying this.

M. Balogh

At Pathways Home Health and Hospice

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