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Amiodorone infiltration
Does anyone have any information/recommendations on how to treat an amiordorone infiltration (warm vs cold compresses, antidote, etc)?   We have had issues with this lately and cannot find any information on how to treat.    Thank You!  Vickie 
I have never seen any case

I have never seen any case reports of treating an amiodorone infiltration. The pH is around 4 so it should only be infused through a CVC. I think this drug produces some vasodilation rather than constriction. I also do not know what the osmolarity of your solution is. If there is no vasoconstriction from the drug and if it is hyperosmolar, then cold is the best choice. For antidotes, I don't think phentolymine would work since there is no vasoconstriction. That leaves hyaluronidase, but again I have not seen any case reports of anyone publishing this treatment. The best way is to prevent them from occurring. 


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Kathy Kokotis Bard Access

Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

Trissels handbook of Injectable drugs says central line admin only.  Have your pharmacist pull the book it is on their shelf.  I suggest looking in trissels for an antidote or contact your pharmacy for an antidote as none is listed to my knowledge in a reference article


Kathy Kokotis

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