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alternative dressings

Is anyone or any facility using foam dressings ( such as Molnlycke's Mepilex or Smith and Nephew's Allevyn) as a PICC line dressing when the transparent film adhesive dressing will not adhere due to moisture, bleeding, or skin erosion?

 Not us. If pt very sweaty,

 Not us. If pt very sweaty, will use Mastisol under the dressing. Also you can use tincture of benzoin to seal the edges of the dressing. We use Smith & Nephew's skin prep on all our line dressings (not under biopatch/insertion site) and have very few problems. Are you "massaging" the dressing in as suggested by my 3M rep/education team? I find this dramatically enhances adhesion. Also we have many pts intolerant to adhesives, so are using the MoInlycke Meptiel IV film rather than Mepilex so insertion site may be observed. 

 Benzoin is no longer

 Benzoin is no longer recommended as it contributes to medical adhesive related skin injury - MARSI is a new term in the literature. I would never put a dressing for any purpose on any patient without using a skin protection solution. Lynn

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