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Ann Williams RN CRNI
Alcohol & Polyurethane catheters

I have been asked a question by an outside agency about use of alcohol on polyurethane catheters.  They want to know if there are any studies regarding the catheter degradation?  Due to a high number of infections in a patient they are using and Ethanol flush, 10ml, 3x/week, to a polyurethane catheter.  Even tho this is against mfr, (Bard) the MD & the nursing staff feels the dangers of another infection is greater than any degradation problems that might occur.  They spoke with Bard, who said they did not have any studies to provide them.  Any help?  Thanks in advance!!

There are 2 lab studies on

There are 2 lab studies on the effect of alcohol on 2 types of polyurethane. The problem is that I can not tell you that those studies were conducted on the same type of polyurethane that Bard uses in the specific type of catheter that is being used by that agency. As you know there are at least 3 formulations of polyurethane being used to manufacturer catheters. Alcohol is a solvent on some of these polyurethanes. If you have access to those 3 webinars I did last year for INS on catheter flushing, you can find a discussion of the studies I am referring to. Lynn

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Ann Williams RN CRNI
Thanks Lynn!  I will look for

Thanks Lynn!  I will look for it.  I am missing AVA, hope everyone is having a great time and learning lots.  Hi to all my friends!!


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