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3M CHG Tegaderm skin issues????
Is anyone seeing skin issues, at the insertion site, when using the 3M CHG Tegaderm?  (I am not a rep/consultant...I  am a clinical user of the product with issues)
We have been using it for
We have been using it for several months with no issues that have been reported.

Rose Galyan RN, BSN, CRNI
Speciality Practice Nurse
Vascular Access Team
Indiana University Hospital Bloomington
[email protected]

Rhonda Wojtas
We have been using the

We have been using the Tegaderm with CHG for several months. There has been an occassional occurance of skin irration to the site. I have instructed staff to use a plain tegaderm if this occurs. Just as we have paitents that tolerate one type of tape better than others, not every patient will tolerate the Tegaderm with CHG. The occurance of irritation has occurred maybe twice in the past 6 months.


Rhonda Wojtas, RN PICC Team

Lowell MA

Rhonda Wojtas, RN,BSN, VA-BC



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