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Julie Mijatovich
IV bags and changing every 24hrs vs 96 hrs

We have a new innovative question section at our Hospital since we want to acquire Magnet status.

A question that was recently asked is why can't IV bags without dextrose be left in place for 72-96 hrs like tubing.

Now my first response is NO way..........but I wanted to ask the experts on your take.

Can you help me the evidence either way?

Julie Mijatovich, CRNI

Parkview Health

Fort Wayne, In

For many years now and

For many years now and several editions of the CDC guidelines, they have stated this is an unresolved issue for all fluids except PN, IVFE, and blood. The original 24 hours began in the 1970's when there was an outbreak of BSI traced to the manufacture of one type of IV fluid bottle. That bottle is no longer being made and I am not aware of any studies that have answered this question. Lynn

Lynn Hadaway, M.Ed., RN, BC, CRNI

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