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Problems with Sherlock I
I have been using the original Sherlock I for almost two years now and am very frustrated by the "ghosting" problems I have encountered.  There have been times when Sherlock points the PICC tip down and after x-ray it has been jugular and vice versa. Bard refuses to give me a new Sherlock II.  I feel the SherlockI should be recalled.  Anyone else with the same problem?
Timothy L Creamer
Various possibilities could

Various possibilities could be responsible for unreliable sensor display including user technique or patient specific. Suggest contacting your Bard Access Systems Territory Manager to request the Clinical Specialist for troubleshooting. No offense to Territory Managers but I think the simplest resolution would be produced clinician to clinician.

To answer your question "anyone else with the same problem?": this scenario happened with a team member frequently (very frustrating). Solved by reevaluating sensor placement and slower catheter advancement.

Good luck.

Timothy L. Creamer, RN

PICC Team Leader, Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point

Clinical Educator, Bard Access Systems

Timothy L. Creamer, RN

Clinical Specialist, Bard Access Systems

Gwen Irwin
We did have this same

We did have this same problem occurring and had a number of our Sherlock I models back and forth for repairs.  It was very frustraing and causing many situations that required additional time with xrays.  We managed to go to the Sherlock II and have eliminated the problems.

I also agree contacting your rep and describing the problem.  Maybe negotiate a trade-in.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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