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stat-lock research regarding infections
Our IV therapy dept. changed our policy regarding the use of stat-lock that encorporates its change weekly.  Our out-patient cancer center is questioning if there are research which supports this practice.  Certainly its obvious that it prevents the pulling of the line.  I've left a message for my rep. as we have a meeting with the oncology dept. tomorrow.  Anyone know of any?
Are you asking about

Are you asking about bloodstream infection or local skin infection? For local skin infection, you must be following the manufacturers instructions which states to change at least once per week. How often are you changing the dressing? The statlock has a coating that allows the easy release of the TSM from the statlock, but removal of the TSM also removes this coating. So if you should be changing the statlock with each dressing change or at least once per week. If you change the TSM but not the statlock, the TSM will be very difficult to remove from the statlock on the next dressing change. 

For bloodstream infection, the manufacturer makes no claims about this at all because it is a Class 1 device and they have not conducted studies to show the influence of statlock on BSI. 

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