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Kristin Walker
Implanted Port Validation
I am taking a survey on how often hospitals require that RN's be "checked off" on accessing implanted ports?  I am also wanting to know if you require that they sit in on an in-service prior to watching them access a port.  If you would like to respond to me personally, my email address is [email protected].   Thanks in advance for your responses!
Donna Fritz
We required RNs to take a
We required RNs to take a 1.5 hr class that included instructor demo'ing an access.  Then each student made an appointment to do a 1:1 demo with instructor.  This provided an opportunity for instructor to assess knowledge learned in class, its application to clinical practice, and procedure.  We did not require any further formal competency assessments.  However, if I saw something that was concerning, we would do some education for all of our port certified nurses, usually via email.
Kristin Walker
Thanks Beverly.  Is this a
Thanks Beverly.  Is this a one time thing or an annual thing?

Kristin Walker RN, BSN, OCN Maui Memorial Medical Center IV dept.

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