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Pediatric Central Line practices

Would someone/ anyone  (acute care) not using heparin for their pediatric central lines please share their policy and success with me.     We are making the change to go heparin free in the Adult world and would like to assess the feasibility of including pediatrics.  If you are Heparin free is the community also heparin free in peds?


Second request is related to re-infusion of blood fro lab draws.   Any policies on re-infusion or mixing that anyone is willing to share?


Thansk, Deb


unfortunately i have never
unfortunately i have never been able to find any good research on this topic so a couple of years ago we went to the "push-pull method" of lab draws on our peds patients. the only time we have trouble is if someone forgets to turn off the fluids to the other line.
Angela Lee
Our policy has eliminated

Our policy has eliminated the re-instillation of blood waste prior to labs (I assume that is what you're referring to) because of the potential for contamination and microclots.  We are also moving to push pull although that can't be done easily with our PICCs due to their smaller size.  I am doing more education regarding volume of waste so that it is not excessive.


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