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Sue Kilbourne
Implanted port removals

Are MDs removing ports in surgery or at their offices? Does anyone have surgeons removing them at the bedside in their facilities? We seem to have a difference of opinion among our physicians and I am wondering what others are doing.

Angela Lee
All of our ports are removed
All of our ports are removed in the OR but, of course, this is in a pediatric population. 
MDs remove ports as well as

MDs remove ports as well as APNs trained under the surgeons, at the bedside (adults) if unable to travel to our IV Team clinic. we have the cautery machine/ head lights/port removal tray in this clinic. Local anesthesia only. If sedation is required- then anesthesia schedules it in their specified roon in PACU unit.

IV team nurses assist each removal, unless done outside the team's work schedule.

Pedi- in O.R. always with sedation.

M.D. Anderson Hosp/Houston

We ave some physicians that
We ave some physicians that remove implanted ports at the bedside. We also have some that take the pt to surgery.
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