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maureen lawler

We have just started using this product on our picc lines. Our poulation is 98% adult.  There is a warning about use on premies secondary to serious skin reaction and company has not done extensive testing on kids under 16 years.

Any Pedi experts have any experience with Biopatch?

hey mo, check your partners
hey mo, check your partners e-mail. i sent you some contact info for childrens hosp. Boston. she did a study on biopatch in kids under 16 yrs. pete
kathy mohn-las vegas We have

kathy mohn-las vegas

We have just implemented BIO-Patch in our NICU here and the warning that I am aware of and I even think that one has been rescinded recently is not to use on kids less than 23 weeks gestation or under 1500 grams weight.  We use the whole patch on top of the line and use the dressing to hold it down-Works great!!!  Contact your J&J rep for more info.

kathy mohn-las vegas

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