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val wortley
Cleaning hubs and ports prior to access

After enjoying reading this site for many months I now have a question of my own from here in the UK.

I would like to institue a policy of cleaning hubs/ports etc with 2% CHG or 70% alcohol swabs prior to EVERY access for piv's and central lines. Now I know this is nothing new as it is recommended in all guidelines, what I am talking about is a fresh swab for each syringe connection, which would mean 4 swabs for a SAS technique.

I am sure I read something similar in a thread but cannot find the reference. I have mentioned this to some senior nurses and eyebrows were raised, they can all see the point of cleaning before and after but not inbetween.

Have I missed something as before I start to create rumblings within the Hopoital I want to be sure of my facts and most guidelines are too general.

Hope you can help


Chris Cavanaugh
There was a great article in
There was a great article in JAVA not too long ago, and it was presented as a topic at the last AVA meeting.  This compared chlorohexidine to alcohol for cleaning hubs, but determined that either worked fine with at least a 15 second scrub.  That applies to EACH time you enter the cap, no matter how many times per day.

Chris Cavanaugh, RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC

Peggy McDaniel
That article was in Sept,

That article was in Sept, 2007 JAVA.  Authored by Kaler and Chinn. 

Peggy McDaniel RN BSN

Infusion Practice Manager, Western Region

Cardinal Health

Peggy McDaniel RN BSN

Infusion Practice Manager, Western Region


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