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Hypodermoclysis/subcutanous fluid administration

Does anyone practice hypodermoclysis? In discussion is using hyaluronidase sq and a 25-27 gauge steel needle. I would like any articles or policy info. THANKS Kathy


Anne Wolkenstein 7 page site

7 page site on subcutaneous medications compatabilities

 has the procedure.

We scrapped the enzyme, Wydase, years and years ago as they stopped making

hyalundarase.  We use a 24 guage SED Introcan, B Braun.

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Wydase:  Concerning
Wydase:  Concerning Kathleen's question on Nov. 15th.  I am studying for the CRNI exam and throughout the oncology section the tapes say to use Wydase as an antidote for extravasations.  If production of this enzyme has been stopped, what is being used in its place?  Is this information reflected in the CRNI exam answers? or should I stick with the material I bought from INS which states use wydase as an antidote?   Thanks for any help,  Denise
Wydase is a brand of
Wydase is a brand of hyaluronidase that was removed from the market many years ago for purely business reasons. The tapes you are listening to are probably old, however the speaker should have been using generic names. In 2004, 2 new brand names for hyaluronidase returned to the market - Amphadase and Vitrase. Now there is a 3rd brand that is a recombinant drug instead of an animal derived product - Hylenex. Hyaluronidase is used for numerous drugs that cause extravasation injury and the CRNI exam would use generic names. Good luck with your studies. Lynn

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