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Scott Gilbert
Happy Birthday

This is such a wonderful format for our internationally growing team !     Thank you very much for making this possible.    The options here are increadible when I think of patient education items that could even be shown directly to them at the bedside from this site, and nursing and physician education when we need articles of interest our fingertips.     How about some short MP4 video segments next !!!

Sarah:   Can you send me your postal address so I can send you a CD full of stuff I have collected over the years?  

Thanks from us here in Hawai'i !!!



Aloha Scott !!

Here in Oz, working with the Hospital in the Home program that covers paediatric patients throughout Victoria, I regularly find regional and remote health services who do not have the confidence to apply their basic knowledge and extend their practice into more complex CVC care, equipment use and infusion procedures. Video material that can be accessed online is crucial when travelling to their site for education is not a viable option. I have struggled to find relevant MR4/Videos on the web and would love to see it.....We will try to work on some to suit our service needs but really happy to find others happy to share.


Mark Spagnolo

[email protected]

Royal Children's Hospital,

Melbourne Australia

Scott Gilbert

Here I am reading / learning at the fountain of knowledge today and find a comment I made to Sarah K  6 years ago when this site first transitioned from email to Web-based!   I guess things can be saved FOREVER on the Internet and come back to life with the right search. Or is Australia just very very far across that date line in other respects?

I think AVA is the trying to build some video into the education efforts.  Even youtube has grown into a huge educational site for medical and nursing procedures. 

Scott Gilbert

Scott Gilbert RN, VA-BC, MPH


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