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Karen Rankin
Recurrent CVL infection and Ethanol Locks

Has anyone used daily ethanol locks for recurrent CVL infections - the challenge is our need to save the CVL because of limited access in a 5 year old who required Parenteral Nutrition - having reccurent infections - has an ileostomy which regularly leaks at night etc and although very strict asepsis used continues to get infections.  Any ideas?  Thanks. Karen

ethanol lock info

We are using the ethanol lock dwell (2hour) in our transplant population on a daily basis.  Our children's hospital is looking into developing a policy and procedure to maintain their lines as well.  I am trying to work with our CNS to implement a study in the adult population.  Do you have the studies and information that have been published? email me privately and I can send if you do not. I think it is a promising option for patient on longterm TPN and those that you need to preserve their limited vascular access.

I have had one patient have a catheter replaced twice for a "leak". I don't know if this is related to the alcohol weakining the catheter or if it is user error.  So this is my new concern with the alcohol dwells. I have only seen it in this one patient and we have used it in many patients numerous times.


Beth Ferguson RN, CRNI

Indiana University Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana

elizabeth ferguson

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This was one of my presentations at WoCoVA. I found the following protocol that is very comprehensive:


There are also several invitro studies on ethanol and polyurethane showing some minor changes but not anticipated to create any clinical issues. We do still need lots more studies on all types of polyurethane and clinical outcomes though.


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